Coffee companies would like you to believe that the one-way valve on a coffee bag, keeps coffee beans fresh for months by stopping oxygen from getting in. What they don't tell you is that these valves do nothing to stop flavor and aroma from getting out.

Fresh roasted coffee beans release enormous amounts of carbon dioxide gas. To stop this gas from popping a bag of beans, a valve is needed. Unfortunately escaping gas also takes the over 900 flavor compounds that give coffee its naturally sweet, ever-so-complex taste and aroma. Because packaging cannot stop this process, coffee beans will lose their best freshness within two weeks.

That means if you're not getting your coffee fresh roasted and sent the same day, then you're probably drinking it stale. No worries, if you liked stale, you're simply going to love fresh.

Fresh roasted coffee is so flavorful and complex, more so than even wine, you could be ruined after the very first sip. We certainly were. Thatís why we only roast the world's finest coffee beans in an unhurried, old-fashioned way to unlock the bean's maximum flavor and aroma. Always making sure they get out the same day to customers across the USA. All this effort so you may enjoy the best, freshest coffee you've ever tasted or your money back.

Barako Coffee Company will Soon send you our coffee and specialty Energy Blends 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the USA