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Barako means
 "wild boar"

Two hundred years ago, the Philippines was one of the world's top coffee producers.

  Barako is a rare and exotic coffee grown primarily in the Philippines . "Barako" (also spelled "Baraco") has become a generic name for all coffee from the province of Batangas, but real Barako is actually Philippine Liberica and is known for its particularly strong taste, powerful body, and a distinctly pungent aroma. 

  The beans are indigenous to the Philippines, though the trees can also be found in Vietnam and Indonesia.  Of the four identified species of coffee (Robusta, Excelsa, Arabica and Liberica), Liberica has the largest cherries and therefore, bigger beans.  Liberica is now predominantly grown in the province of Cavite . 

Barako's famed flavor and taste has the makings of great coffee like Hawaii's Kona and Jamaica's Blue Mountain.

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